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Quick questions for fast customization of your site

Regarding Questions

The questions below help us customize and program your website model. That means we can also host and maintain it so it will always be fast-loading and secure. This also gives us the information we need to do the initial customization of your website.

We have already started to prepare your site. The information you provide here means:

a. We will immediately customize your model within the time you chose
b. When it’s ready we will send you a link to your demo site so you can review it
c. We will also send you a Code you can use to schedule a Review Consultation

During the Review Consultation Michael Quinn will review your website with you. You can tell him any additional changes you want made at this time. Don’t worry if you don’t have time to ask for changes now. Because your Fully Managed Hosting and Maintenance Agreement entitles you to have us make changes for you whenever you need them.

Regarding your business address question

If you don’t want your business physical address on your website or you prefer another address tell us that in the Special Instructions related to business address.

Regarding your local market question

Google considers your local market to be the city where your business is located. For search engine optimization purposes that’s important. In the space related to local market put the names of nearby cities your company also serves.

Regarding the color combinations question

If you like the color combination of your model leave it alone. The space that looks empty in the combo examples is white. Choose the color combination you prefer. Don’t worry because your Fully Managed Hosting and Maintenance Agreement means if you change your mind later we can change the combo for you later.

Regarding the reviews on your website question

If you choose “no reviews” that means if the model you choose has a  Reviews menu item we will remove it from the menu so no one can see it. But, if you change your mind your Fully Managed Hosting and Maintenance Agreement means we can put a Reviews menu item on your website later when you want it.

Regarding the logo question

If you have a logo we can apply it to all the pages on your website after we make your private demo site and review it with you. If you don’t have a logo, you can use the one on the demo site or you can discuss that question during your Review Consultation.

Regarding the photographs, graphics and video question

If you have content you want to use on your website say so during your Review Consultation. Tell how you want it used. If you don’t have these now but you may have them in future your Fully Managed Hosting and Maintenance Agreement has you covered.

Color Combination Options

The “blank” space is white color

Customization Questionnaire

When you click send it confirms your information has been sent.
If not make sure all the questions with a red * have been answered.


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