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96 hour service

Multi-Payment Processing

96 Hour Service

FAST in – 4 DAYS
$795 one payment
$427 two payments
$295 three payments

Multiple pay includes $30 per processing fee.

96 hour multi-payment

Two Payments. If you chose two payments you made the first payment when you ordered. This is your second payment.

Three Payments. Your order was the first payment. This is where you will make your second and third payment. 

Consulting Service. A consulting service is generously provided for clients as part of their Rise Digital Marketing website purchase. However, if you need a pre-sale business consultation regarding any aspect of our service then order a consultation because your consulting fee will be applied as a credit to whatever service you purchase now or within one year. Order with confidence.

No money back guarantee. You have seen a working model. The model you choose will be customized for your business and  be completely professional. How can we build your website so fast? We follow the answers you provide on the form we send you after you order. Your answers help us to customize and build a website for you that you’ll be proud to show your prospects and customers.

While your Rise Digital Marketing website does not include a money back guarantee we want you to grow and prosper and be a long term satisfied customer. Therefore, we’ve shown you a working model of your multi-page website and we will change the copy, and the color scheme, for example, on your website to meet your business needs. In addition, we will provide all the benefits and services that are detailed in the Fully Managed Hosting and Maintenance Agreement and in the FAQ on this website

Fully Managed Hosting and Maintenance Agreement. Ordering a website from Rise Digital Marketing means that you agree to pay a $49 monthly fee associated with the Fully Managed Hosting and Maintenance Agreement shown below. The start of this monthly recurring fee is not invoiced until 30 days after you’ve made the final payment for your website.

Although not a contract the Fully Managed Agreement provides ongoing worry-free service and many benefits to your company.

Worry-free Fully Managed Hosting and Maintenance Agreement

This comprehensive Fully Managed Hosting and Maintenance Agreement is a mandatory component of our fully managed website services because to prevent technical issues and insure quality service we will not build websites that are hosted elsewhere. This provides you a one-stop responsible party for your site.

This agreement excludes your competitors because, at your option, we will only sell one model related to your service in your city.

This agreement is not a contract. It protects you from unexpected service charges related to technical issues and website changes. We take care of everything for you. The monthly fee of $49 is for a continuous problem-free fully managed website including hosting and maintenance with daily, weekly, and monthly backups of the databases associated with your website.

Also this agreement includes changes or additions you may want us to make to your website such as changing of phone numbers or addresses, or additions such as adding or deleting services or making a special offer during Tax season, or during holidays, or other events associated with your business, for example. The spirit of this agreement is that we want your website to be a blessing to you, and we don’t want to charge you for additional services that are within the scope of this agreement.

The monthly fee of $49 will not begin and is not invoiced until 30 days after you’ve made the final payment for your website.

Fully Managed Hosting and Maintenance Agreement Bonus. The Federal Trade Commission requires every company that sells goods or services to consumers in the United States of America to comply with its rules and regulations. The penalties for non-compliance are severe. These legal pages are so important that Rise Digital Marketing includes both the professionally composed Privacy and Terms of Service pages for your website as part of your Fully Managed Hosting and Maintenance Agreement.


Contact us about a model. Email or order a consultation.
Why? Because we create websites and consult with clients.