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Choose your model. Choose your price.

We build Long-Term Relationships

We want to work with you for years to come and watch you and your business grow and prosper. We’re your fully-managed problem-free website hosting and digital marketing solution. Our Client Services Portal is organized to help when you need us.

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Main Benefits of this service

No. If you need a consultation book a consultation. But if you know what your want just order it first. Because your order includes free consultations. Either way you win because if you buy a consultation first, your $79 consulting fee will be applied as a credit to whatever service you purchase now or within one year. That means if you need a website you can order it now, or if you prefer order a pre sale consultation. Either way you win. Order today. Order with confidence.

 Our pricing model is simple. We disclose everything about it on this website. 

(1)  Our intention is to build a long term relationship with you because you know we have affordable pricing and fast service.

(2)  You get to tour through fully operational website models to see what is available. 

The FAQ discusses options about customization. In short, all the information you need to make a decision about having us customize a website for your business is on these web pages. 

(3)  All you do is choose a website model that corresponds with your business type, and choose your price because there is a 48 hour price, a 72 hour price, and a 96 hour price. There’s even options for one, two, or three payments at each price point and this makes it affordable for almost any business to have a professional website. 

(4)  Nonetheless, although everything is disclosed and we’re happy to have you as a client because as you can see we can make a beautiful website for your business we’ve found that we can’t provide free consultation to prospects without increasing our staff and dramatically increasing our prices. As it is we’re focused on building websites and providing consultations to clients. In summary, we don’t offer a money back guarantee consultation, but we agree that your $79 consulting fee will be applied as a credit to whatever service you purchase now or within one year. That means if you need a website your can order it now, or if you prefer order a pre-sale consultation. Either way you receive one or more consultations. Order today. Order with confidence. 

Choose your model. Choose your price. Customization of a model website designed for your business including content, photographs, and images in place. We do all the heavy lifting. You get state of the art web hosting and development technology and an affordable multi page website with an affordable Fully Managed Hosting and Maintenance Service plan that includes no hidden charges so you can budget and receive the ongoing services included in your worry-free plan. Forget about wasting time learning how to use complex software platforms and spend more time growing your business.

You can play with the model website for your business type. You can see that the webpages load fast and they are responsive meaning they look good on your desktop computer monitor and your smartphone. Also, note that the content is focused on your business, and your model includes photographs and images. Note that there is a place for your logo, business name, address, and phone number. 

The customizations includes your choice of several different attractive color palette combinations. For example, if the main color in the banner menu area of your website model is green, you can choose the red or blue combination from our color palettes. In addition, you can choose to rename the menu items so that they correspond with what your business offers. If you want to change the photographs, you can send us your own photographs and tell us where to place them. Of course where shown in your website model we will change the business name, address, and phone number and replace them with yours. If there is a map on your web model, we will replace the map so that it corresponds with your address. If there is no map and you want one, we will program one for you. 

In addition, we will customize the Privacy, Terms of Use, and other legal documents and replace them with your FTC Guardian Pro documents that are included as a bonus with your Fully Managed Hosting and Maintenance Agreement. 

Also, if you want to rewrite or reword or correct or replace the professional content on your webpages to better reflect your products and or services you can send us your rewritten content and we will use it instead. In short, what’s included in the customization of your model is changes that customize the website for you so that it properly represents your company.

Finally, the copyright © notice in the footer at the bottom of each of your website pages can be your personal name or company business name. Note that the replacement of the copyright notice is fabricated to make your company look its best and increase its authority. In short, it’s for looks only and does not mean you own the design or content of any of our website models. 

Questions about the website models and service

 Yes. You have many choices. Look at the examples of the models on the Models web page. Each model has a color palette associated with it. You can choose which color combination you want for your website. There are four colors in each palette including white. The colors in each group were chosen because they look good together. They’re used in different areas of your finished website as main colors and highlighting colors. You can see an example of how these color groups are used on various entire working models of Rise Digital Marketing websites by clicking on these examples on the Models page:

Green = Laser Hair Removal
Teal = Mental Health
Orange = Midwife
Red = Cryotherapy
Brown = Accident Lawyer
Purple = Psychologist

 Yes. Your website includes search engine optimization (SEO). For example, in addition to providing professional keyword-oriented content for your website that is search engine optimized we also include “Schema” for the pages. 

In short, Schema is a semantic vocabulary of micro data or tags that Google, Bing, and Yahoo created that we apply to the underlying code of your web pages in order to boost your chance of getting on the first page of search engine results in Google, Bing, and Yahoo. The applications of schema also improves the way your results are displayed by the search engines. Adding Schema markup is an SEO best practice that is seldom done by developers because it’s a time consuming process that adds a layer of complexity to creating websites, however, Google, Bing, and Yahoo eat Schema like kids eat candy so we apply it.

 Yes. Your website is totally responsive that means it displays correctly on desktop monitors, laptops, tablets, and mobile screens such as smartphones. 

​​​​​​​A responsive website looks good on large screen monitors, desktop monitors, smartphones, and laptops. It’s important to be readable and display well on smartphones, for example, because Google requires it. In short, if your website is not responsive your chance of getting on the first page of Google searches is next to zero in competitive markets or when people search with competitive keywords and phrases. Experienced developers who make responsive websites have to tweak the websites for monitors, smartphones, and laptops. That means they do three times the work done by inexperienced developers who create poorly made semi-responsive websites.

 Yes. In short, to make sure all our clients are given problem-free service and have fast loading websites we provide the fully-managed web hosting that makes this possible. That means Rise Digital Marketing is your webmaster. We maintain your website and optimize and increase the speed of your website by tweaking the graphics, CSS, and HTML to make sure your site is fast. Also because your website is important to your business we use a monitoring service to “ping” your website every minute and check that it’s online. Technical issues cause problems. If there’s a problem we’re notified by email and SMS, and we contact the hosting service and work to get it fixed before you even know there was a problem. 

​​​​​​​In some ways websites are only as good as the web hosting service they run on because a slow website is the kiss of death to marketing. Remember what Google wants most is to give people links to websites from the search results on their first page to businesses that will satisfy their customers. Insofar as Google is concerned everyone who uses Google is their customers first, and what Google knows is it’s customers prefer fast websites. Because when a website is slow users go somewhere else. We also optimize the speed of your website by using two content delivery networks. These CDNs work together to maximize site loading.

 Yes. We take extra care to make sure that your website is secure and your data is protected. For example, all the data on your website and the databases that includes the code for your website are all backed up daily, weekly, and monthly. This method of creating multiple backups means your website is completely safe. Also to provide an additional layer of protection, we make backups of your website on a remote backup service so, in essence, the web hosting service and another service provider are programmed to continually backup your website and protect it.

 Yes. We install an SSL certificate on every website built by Rise Digital Marketing. We also maintain the certificate as part of your Fully Managed Agreement so you don’t have to worry about the expiraton dates or the cost of renewals and other associated technical information. The reason this is important is Google is now warning people “this website is not secure” if there’s no SSL certificate on the site. That’s bad because your prospects immediately think there is malware or a virus on your website that could be transmitted to their computer so they quit your site and make a mental note never to return. That’s probably what you do too when you see that warning. If your website doesn’t have a properly installed and maintained SSL certificate you won’t appear anywhere near the first page of organic searches in a competitive market. 

​​​​​​​You can tell if a website has an SSL certificate installed if there is a small lock in front of the web address on the HTTP address line. The image may be green or gray and an SSL secured site will have an HTTPS instead of only HTTP.

We have hundreds of models and are developing more. There’s a lot of work involved in building each model because each comes complete with professional content and graphics. We haven’t added links to each of the working models we have listed on the Models page, however, we are adding more each week. And soon we will have links to all of our working models that you play with.

Meanwhile, if you have family or friends who want to order a model for their business and it doesn’t have a link to the working model, notify us and we’ll finish it immediately, and add it to our Models page. Remember we can customize each model for you.

The photographs and videos you provide are assumed to be owned by your company and we use them on your website exclusively with your permission. On the other hand, all the photographs, graphics, artwork, and video materials used on the websites or content created for clients by are licensed for commercial use by their respective owners to and its associated enterprises including but not limited to and That means we are licensed to  use them on your website.

Google and Miscellaneous Questions

Yes. Your Rise Digital Marketing website includes setting up one or more email accounts for your business as needed. If you already have email accounts when prospects fill out the forms on your website the information will go to the email account you specify. If you ever want to change what accounts the data goes to just notify us and we make the changes throughout your website as part of your Fully Managed Hosting and Maintenance Services Agreement.

No. There is a list of services we use and recommend in your Rise Client Services Portal. That list includes our recommended domain registrar.

Yes and No. As is your Rise Digital Marketing website is not set up to sell products. It’s set up to promote your business and its services. However, by purchasing the Booking service feature of our sister company you can sell products and services and collect payment via Paypal, a payment processor which accepts all major credit and debit cards.

Yes and No. Yes we can program lead capture popups. However, they are not included with the 48, 72, and 96 hour website services of Rise Digital. Popups and forms require special coding and, of course, they must be linked to your email service. Nonetheless, after your website is built if you need a popup you can describe what you need in your private Rise Client Services Portal and we’ll program and add a popup for you and change them later when needed as part of your Fully Managed Agreement.

Yes and No. Yes we can script and create videos for your website. However, videos are not included with the 48, 72, and 96 hour website services of Rise Digital. Our video services are diverse like those offered by our sister company as shown here except that your price is 30% less than the prices shown on that page when you order through us. 

There’s more information about our video creation and development service in your Rise Client Services Portal.

The important thing is whether we create your video or you get it created elsewhere there are no service fees connected with placing a video on your website because that service is included with your Fully Managed Agreement.

 We provide two private streaming video hosting services. Because we advise you not to host your videos on YouTube unless you have a good reason to do so. How many times have you started to watch a video and got distracted by YouTube showing you an assortment of other videos you may want to watch? That happens to everyone including the prospects who land on your web pages. Putting a YouTube hosted video on your website is like asking your prospects to leave your website and start watching videos about cats, babies, and whatever else. You want your prospects to focus on your website and choose to do business with you. In short, YouTube’s business model sucks away your traffic and our robust video hosting and streaming services are included as part of your Fully Managed Agreement to prevent prospect losses.

Google wants every business to claim their business listing and or to list with them. It’s easy to do but takes time and attention to detail. In order to keep things shipshape you have to maintain your listing. This is an important step because without it you’ll never get on the Google 3-Pack on the first page of search results. If you don’t already have this in place we can do it for you, and if you’ve done it we’ll double-check to make sure it’s perfect.

As part of our Google Tune Up we will help you claim your business and also make sure you get on Google Maps. You’ve probably seen all those pins that appear on Google maps, right? Maybe your competitors are there too. They don’t appear on the maps by accident. In fact there are procedures you have to diligently follow to have your business pinned on Google maps. This is an important step. We do it for you.

How can you build my website so fast?

We have procedures. In other words, when we receive you order we immediately start the process of customizing a website for you. Here’s how we do it:

1. Your order is received and bounces back a thank you note and a link.
2. Go to link. Answer the questions. Press the send button.
3. We receive your answers. They tell us your  business type and more.
4. We customize the website model you chose for your business type in #3.
5. We put a working model of your customized website on a private demo site.
6. We send you an email. It links to your demo site and asks for your review.
7. We send a website link asking for corrections, additions, and suggestions.
8. We send you a 100% off coupon code and ask you to book a consultation.
9. Changes required from your response to #7 and #8 are seen in your demo.

During the consultation of #8, we answer questions and to through each page one by one together to make sure everything is perfect. After the consultation we make any changes required and send you a link asking for your approval. When you send us your approval we put your website on your domain. We also send you a linke to your private Client Services Portal and ask you to log in and watch the Introduction video. Of course, you’re welcome to look around and see how organized everything is for you. Knowledge and organized processes is why we’re able to offer our services at such affordable prices.

At this point your website is online. At anytime because you have a Fully Managed Hosting and Maintenance Agreement you can go to your private Client Services Portal and write us a note asking us to change this or that whenever you need changes made. That’s how we build and customize your professional multi page website within 48, 72, or 96 hours. In order to meet these deadlines we ask that during this time you be available to answer questions by phone.

All the content on your website is professionally written and corresponds with your business type. If you need the content on your finished website edited to exclude a service later or add one now, let us know and we will do it immediately. We want your website to accurately promote your business services.

As you can see from the pages on this website and by our relationship with and we can provide services at every stage of your growth and development. After your website is built we’re happy and able to provide a range of other services when you need them.  

We’re searching for long term clients who appreciate having a worry-free website that comes with fully-managed professional services. In short, save time and money. Affordable prices. Expert advice and services. 

Your Client Services Portal makes it easy for you to ask for a service and get it done fast. Nothing falls in the cracks.

Fully Managed Hosting and Maintenance Services and Portal

First of all, the Agreement is not a contract. In short the Agreement means you never have to worry about any technical issues having to do, for example, with building and fixing websites, updates, security, website speed, or a hosting bill. It’s fully managed and everything is provided for you. We take care of all the issues and there’s no contract or unexpected bills associated with making changes to your website. If you want to change the phone number on your website, or want to add photos or a video, you notify us in your private Client Services Portal and we make the changes for you at no charge. One reason we charge a monthly fee for this Agreement is to help you budget for services and to prevent unexpected charges which would make you unhappy.

The “choose your model, choose your price” web development service of Rise Digital Marketing produces an affordable professional multi-page website for your business that you can be proud to own and share with prospects and clients. But this service and pricing model does not allow us to rebuild the entire website for you. Nor does it allow us to add innumerable web pages for you unless you want to pay extra for that service. That said we will do many things to customize your website, for example, we can change some pages for you and the menu items associated with them across your entire site. Those are immediate changes. Later, as part of your Fully Managed Service Agreement, we do incremental changes as you need them. For example, we can add testimonials to your site and menu. In your Client Services Portal we show you an easy way to get reviews from customers. We want a long term fair-minded relationship because certainly you’re going to receive a wonderful website that customized for you on the front end. Later you can ask us to make changes to it when you need them, but you can’t change everything. In short, the Fully Managed Agreement will save you much time and effort and prevents unexpected charges.

 After you receive your website all our communications is done in your private communication portal. Each client receives a private Client Services Portal as a bonus service associated with your Fully Managed Agreement that keeps a record of all our written communications. This is much easier to use than email and keeps everything organized for both of our companies. This makes it easy for both of our companies to refer to documents, for example, and reduces misunderstandings and redundant email communications. It also produces a record of the work done for you, and a record of additional work you want us to do for you in future. 

​​​​​​​Your Rise Portal saves time and effort. For example, if you want us to change a phone number or address on a website we’ve built for you, we ask that you go to your Client Portal and send us a quick note. We’ll make the required changes. Or, if you want us to send a Press Release to announce news about your business you can jump on your Client Portal and fill out the Press Release form we provide that gives us the information you want to convey in the press release. Press releases are optional and not included with your website service. These are just some examples of how your Private Client Portal can be used to prevent confusion, increase collaboration and efficiencies between our organizations, and improve every aspect of the Fully Managed services we produce for you.

Most web developers are not aware that the Federal Trade Commission requires every business that sells goods or services to consumers in the United States of America to comply with its rules and regulations. The penalties for non-compliance are severe. These legal pages are so important that Rise Digital Marketing includes both the professionally composed and properly formatted Privacy and Terms of Service pages for your website as part of your Fully Managed Hosting and Maintenance Agreement.

Tax issues related to websites can be complex and you should review them with your tax advisor. However, in addition to having the benefits associated with all the aspects of this Agreement, budgeting for your Fully Managed Agreement is like budgeting for your light and phone bill. Because you’re in business and a website is an asset and a professional marketing and advertising tool for any business your investment in your Fully Managed Hosting and Maintenance Agreement may be a tax deductible expense.

In an article by Cortney Houchins, CPA, JD, she writes: “Maintenance, updating, and costs for adding to a website are treated as normal business expenses and are deductible when incurred if these costs are truly maintenance-type costs. Typical maintenance-type costs would include costs to update content, add contacts, and correct minor errors or minor style and formatting changes consisting of font sizes, types, and colors.”

Your website is important. Your Fully Managed Hosting and Maintenance Agreement enables us to  watch it like a hawk and maintain it for you. You don’t have time to worry about this component of your business. We provide your website and hosting and maintenance as a full service package you can budget for so you never have to worry about technical issues or about additional charges or unexpected costs. This increases the likelihood of a long-term business relationship you can count on.


Contact us about a model. Email or order a consultation.
Why? Because we create websites and consult with clients.